About Pixio

The Pixio and Pixem Robot are the best Auto-Follow Roboter to film yourself Indoor and Outdoor. They track the watch and film you automatically. You can independently film yourself while doing your Sport or Activity, without the assistance of any cameraman. 

These tracking Robots can film horse riding (dressage, jumping, barrel racing, reining), sport, rehearsals, actors, vloggers, pastors, conferences, events, dancers and many more!

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Thank you a lot Pixio. To reach such a goal it´s important "first" to self watch and see our own mistakes and faults in order to correct it for the future. And "PIXIO" makes a great job on this. It´s not only me telling them, they can see it!

Nuno Avelar, Working Equitation, Germany

Before PIXIO, I had a still camera. It was difficult to see particular aspects of the riding. With PIXIO, I stay in the frame, it zooms IN and OUT, so I´m able to see every step very clearly.

Suzie HALLE, Dressage, USA

Pixio has bevome  the most censistent part of our weekly productions. The setup couldn´t be easier.

Open Heavens Church, Texas USA

I´ve had mine for almost a year. The product is great and the costumer service is amazing. (And no, I´m not paid spokesperson for the company)

Mary Jayne Durham Eventing, USA

I have been traveling the world for years to give Dressage lessons. Thanks to the PIXIO robot with Live Coaching, I can multiply my numbers of lessons, while greatly reducing costs.

Jean-Philippe Giacomini, International Dressage Coach, France