PIXIO: camera + smartphone & tablet compatibility upgrade

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Included: The upgrade to add all the PIXEM functions to your PIXIO robot.

Compatibility: PIXIO and PIXIO extra-robot.



You can benefit from AUTOMATIC ZOOM and REC CONTROL from the watch on PIXEM compatible SMARTPHONES and TABLETS in addition to cameras already compatible with your PIXIO.

LIVE STREAM your videos taken by your phone or tablet with the PIXEM application

How does the upgrade work?

 You will receive your personalized password by email. This password will allow you to add the PIXEM functions to the PIXIO robot of your choice. 

 Update the firmware of the PIXIO robot with the latest version. 

 Install the PIXEM application on your phone or tablet. 

 Once the PIXEM application is launched, pair your phone or tablet to the PIXIO robot. 

 When prompted, register the unique password in the PIXEM application (this step requires your phone or tablet to be connected to the internet). 

Your PIXIO is now compatible with the PIXEM application.

User manual

Download the installation procedure