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VEN I CE Young

The "Venice Young" stirrups are equipped with a revolutionary mechanism that favors the escape of the foot if necessary by opening a part of the ring; Thereafter, this moving part automatically returns to its original position thanks to a spring.

The movable part is fixed with the force of the spring and a stop ring and with a special system of magnets that keep it closed during work and open only under a certain pressure.

Like all patented Tech Stirrups, the brackets are made exclusively in Italy. They are made of aluminum, solid machined and mounted with stainless steel screws. 20 microns are anodized to maintain their aesthetic quality.



Weight: 370 g
Bench width: 106 x 51 mm
Finishing: shiny
Recommended until shoe size 35 and up to a body weight of 35 kg (up to 7/9 years)
The patented Handle Tech stirrup has been designed so that even with little support, you can always have grip without sacrificing comfort.

The shape of the strap loop was designed to bring the strap into a position that facilitates pushing.

Tech stirrup holders do not require special brackets, they can be used like classic stirrups.